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Eminem-Curtain Call: the Hits (SEALED) (BLUE) misprint

Eminem-Curtain Call: the Hits (SEALED) (BLUE) misprint

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Sealed copy

Blue variant, misprint copy, songs labeled in order do not correlate with tracklist

Correct tracklist:

Side A: 1. Intro 2. FACK 3. The Way I Am 4. My Name Is

Side B: 1. Lose Yourself. 2. Shake That 3. Sing for the Moment 4. Without Me

Side C: 1. Toy Soldiers 2. the Real Slim Shady 3. Mockingbird 4. Guilty Conscience

Side D: 1. Cleaning Out my Closet 2. Just Lose It 3. When I'm Gone 4. Stan (live ft. Elton John)

Note from Erica: my copy had a skipping problem for the first few plays. Specifically on Side B. HOWEVER, after a few plays, it stopped skipping all together. I spoke with someone else with the same copy and they said the exact same thing. So please know that before ordering. :)

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